Saturday, January 21, 2012


Lega bila da ksik tau parents about my results.
Well they made me feel like I still do hv hope.
Xtau la mcm mana nk ckap how glad I am to hv parents like them.
They are super awesome!
Tho I buat prangai mcm mana pn they wouldn't ditch me.

And when we talked about my studies.
They supported me.
Told me how much potential I hv.
Which made me feel like not disappointing them once again.
Siap tgk syllabus blaja lg haa.
Wlpn dorg xamk MECHY mcm kite.
Dorg still find ways to help me.
Bila dpat tahu kite blaja MATLAB n I didn't score.
Punya la smangat nk aja.
Rupanya prnts kite tere bnyk bnde wlpn kite xtahu.
Punya la brsungguh nk bia kite pham programming.
Comel plak UMMI ABAH ni.
Lama kot xde prasaan mcm ni.
Last time mse nk SPM.
Sbb kite suka ADDMATH.
And my mother is a math genius!
She helped me a lot til I finally became the best student.
Thank you UMMI.

Wake up, Sakinah!
Kau kne struggle lbih tahun ni.
InsyaAllah you can make it thru.
Nothing is impossible.
1st class honors can be in ur hands if u put more EFFORT.

May 2012 be a better year for us all.

Eh bnyk plak snyum dlm post ni.
Tp btul2 snang hati skrg ni.

That's all for the time being.

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